Artist: Phase III

Artist: Phase III

I love the discoveries that happen when in dialogue – my day began with a mentoring session with my Artist mentor, Sunny Drake. Although I knew what I wanted to talk about today, I had no idea what would open up. Just that things do when being in communication.

Since I’ve started working with Sunny, we distinguished the three phases I’ve been going through. The first phase, which I blogged about previously, I called my Artist Immersion. Three months of dwelling in, pondering about, reconnecting to what is important to me as an Artist – as a singer/dancer/choreographer/model. I emerged from that immersion with some visions and ideas worth pursuing and a deeper connection to what’s important to me as an Artist. Phase two has been a time of action, of actually pursuing some of those things and making them happen. Photoshoots, recording sessions and choreographing routines. I’ve found a Vocal coach, a Creative Director, reconnected with my Music Producer and Body Party partner, Luke, and reached out to my cousin Lisa, who’s a documentary/film maker about our first film clip.

Phase three is about my Creative Tools. I’m calling it Set up to Play. I’m working on getting the resources I need (a laptop with Ableton Live for recording music with Luke), setting up my physical environment to reflect my priorities as a creative being. I’ll be going to work on my budget and actually allocating money to invest in myself as an Artist and looking at, do I need to generate more money? I’ll be asking myself, how much of a working knowledge do I need for technology specific to my art practice, and what things can I ask others to do, using their expertise?

I don’t know if I’ve ever taken myself as an Artist so seriously…




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