Wonderings on Perfection…

I have been hiding out. I pretend I’m in action, pursuing my dreams, but in the area of being an artist, I’m not. The voice in my head says things like, I can’t start x until I have y. I could do a really great blog… but first I need a really good website. Or I could make a really awesome film clip… but first I need a lot of money. I could choreograph a dance routine to an inspiring song… but first I need to get back into my training…

Sounding familiar anyone?

So what gets me or any of us into action? Is it when something starts to occur as really urgent, like being on our deathbed, wishing for more time and reflecting on regrets?

How many years now have I thought about starting a blog? I avoid counting them to save me from the embarrassment of not having broken through the barrier to starting. My friend Dan lent me a book once called, The Art of the Start. Do you know, I never read it.

The title is almost enough. If I could stay in the inquiry of ‘the art of the start’, perhaps I could discover something I don’t already know beyond starting doesn’t always feel good. Perhaps there is an art to it. Perhaps we’re not already organised that way. Perhaps we’re organised around ‘later’. When I’m great enough, healthy enough and have enough money…

I had a conversation with my newly appointed Creative Director, Garth last night. He said, “You and I come from a generation of having to get things perfect – before sharing them. Look at what’s popular on the internet – it’s popular and it’s not always the best quality.” In other words, it’s not perfect.

This gave me some freedom, a bit of room to consider that waiting for perfection is simply a barrier to sharing oneself now.

Is perfect good for something?

If it includes having all the required or desirable elements, qualities or characteristics and being free from any flaw or defect in condition or quality, (according to then perhaps perfect could be a declaration. Like declaring a lover perfect, declaring the day a perfect one or declaring that was a perfect meal…

Perhaps perfect leaves us satisfied, satiated and complete.

I wonder who gets to say when something is perfect?

Perhaps I do.