What I like about my life: My Hairstylist

What I like about my life: My Hairstylist

Rocco D’Amore has been my hairstylist for many years now. What is it about finding a great hairdresser that makes it feel like cheating if you went and saw someone else unannounced? I’ve remained loyal because I trust her and when it comes to my hair, I confess I’m a princess. I seriously thought I was born with long hair – those of you who went to high school with me will remember long, long hair. My older cousins all wanted to brush my hair and told me over and over how beautiful it was. Girls at school would also tell me how beautiful my hair was but by that stage, it was said in a way that communicated – why can’t I be beautiful like you? It used to make me want to curl up and die inside. I couldn’t bear the thought that someone else was convinced they couldn’t be beautiful, but I could. So at 17, I stopped brushing my hair. Then I stopped washing it. Eventually I figured dreadlocks were the go – I shouldn’t have to do much and it would definitely stop that kind of jealous attention from other girls. Boy, was I wrong… most definitely the most high maintenance hairstyle I’ve ever had. It did stop that kind of attention from girls. 🙂

Only recently did I transform my resistance to that communication – why can’t I be beautiful like you? It had been a barrier to me fully owning my beauty and the contribution that is.

So what I like about my life is that even though we moved to Sydney a year and a half ago, Rocco still cuts my hair. I mean how great is my life that my hairstylist flies up every 6-8 weeks from Melbourne and cuts our hair at home? That’s one thing I like about my life for sure.

What do you like about your life?

Rocco D’Amore Hair on Friday, August 14, 2015