Tracking Time II

Tracking Time II

A couple of posts ago, I shared that we’ve been tracking our time at work to get at the question, ‘How long do things actually take?’ I’ve discovered some more revealing insights about my relationship to what there is to do and handle in life. Tracking my time to the minute has given me a place to keep my focus. I notice I negotiate less with myself about what there is to do. Whatever is next is just the next thing. I spend less time arguing with myself, I consider less, put off less, wait less and take action more promptly.

I consider myself able to be rigorous when it comes to these kinds of things, so yesterday came as a complete surprise. When I look back at my time tracker for yesterday, there are gaps. In fact, there is a whole 9 minutes when I’ve got no idea what I was doing. Early on in the day it became evident to me that my concentration was all over the place. I Skyped my colleagues and said, wow, I’m so distractible today! While I wasn’t in pain, it was the first day of my period and I could feel the prana leaking from my body. It’s like the vitality drains from my face downwards and I’m a different person. It reminded me of the NASA experiments done on spiders. These images show a perfect cobweb made by a spider, then the cobweb made by the same spider after being given drugs, including caffeine. When we’re off, there are gaps…

Spiders on drugs

NASA – Noever, R., J. Cronise, and R. A. Relwani. 1995. Using spider-web patterns to determine toxicity. NASA Tech Briefs 19(4):82. Published in New Scientist magazine, 29 April 1995.

Effect of drugs on spider web construction