The Queen’s Domain

The Queen’s Domain

I’ve discovered myself to be a Right Royal Queen. At the ripe age of 7, after a year of being the only girl in Prep, I inherited three Royal Subjects. A year younger than me, these three new girls came to the school, and I conquered. I was the boss, the head of the gang. As the only person in my entire grade, I took it upon myself to head up the Realm, bestowed to me by the Grade 6 girls who left after my first year.

In my Royal Domain, we played the game the way I said to play it. I was controlling, dominating, forceful and manipulative, just like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland. Always innocent, and always getting others to do my dirty work, it was a grand lifestyle. Many cubbies got built, dances choreographed and rules were made. If anyone dare cross me, it was, “Off with her head!” The Queen got things done and people knew where they stood.

The problem was, the Queen, as righteous as she is, was actually put together in response to a threat. I caught her going off the other day and what I noticed is that there’s a moment, right before the Queen appears in all her glory and fury, and right after the trigger or that upset, where what’s present is a frightened 7 year old. A 7 year old who generated a domain called The Queen.

I’ve realised the Queen is not going away. It’s not like I can fix myself. And, I can be responsible for her. Naming her and using these pictures on my new Pinterest board, assist me in getting ‘unstuck’ from the realness of her and in seeing the absurdity of a threatened 7 year old running my life. So I’m a Right Royal Queen and I can be responsible for that.