The joy of Date Night

The joy of Date Night

I love wooing my partner. French restaurant here, movies there, lying in the botanical gardens together and soaking up the sun then popping down to the Opera Bar… Earlier in the year we had that conversation about date night. You know, the one that goes, hey, so when are you taking me out on a date? I say, yeah, it’s been a while – when are you taking me out on a date? That lesbian dilemma… If I take you on dates, who’s going to take me on dates?? What about when I want to be woo’d and taken and loved up…?

So I woman’d up (as they say in Big Hero 6) and got myself organised around regular date nights where I take my beloved, S’ra out. Tonight we saw Freeheld at Queer Screen Film Fest starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page. I wish I’d brought those extra tissues I knew we’d need. Based on real life story of Lieutenant Laurel Hester and her life partner Stacie, Laurel’s dying wish is to be able to leave her pension benefits to Stacie.

freeheld real winner

The piece that was extra moving to me was having met Cynthia Wade last year, the Academy award winning director who created the documentary that became the feature film. She spoke at the Conference for Global Transformation in San Francisco and I’m pretty sure I cried throughout her entire talk… She an inspirational demonstration of following one’s path and being true to oneself. Making the bold move to live in New York and pursue her love of documentaries, she also made Mondays at Racines – a documentary about a salon that is free to women cancer patients once a month to get their hair done. Again, bring tissues…