Ponderings on Fearlessness

Ponderings on Fearlessness

For the most part, I’ve been dwelling in the realm of ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ (another classic book which I never fully read, but got a lot from the title). Over the last 15 years I’ve developed myself in being courageous, having the courage to take action even when I am afraid. The courage to have a conversation with a lover when it seems somehow threatening or the courage to put yourself out on the skinny branches and ask for what you really want at work. Being courageous has been extremely useful in taking action when it seems like a better idea to stay safe.

In the Breakthroughs Seminar at Landmark last week, I was introduced to the possibility of being Fearless. So how is this different from being courageous and isn’t a bit of fear healthy? I mean, at least I know I’m alive, right? What if being fearless was that place where I know myself as big enough to deal with anything that comes at me and being free to act, secure in that confidence? I’m beginning to discover that being fearless allows me to take risks that I may not have even considered previously, and with grace and ease. I love the experience of moving freely and effortlessly in life, making that next move and being open to the wonder of it.

Do I still get stopped in life? You bet. But in being willing to discover fearlessness and all of its joys, I’m freed up to make the next move.

It makes me curious: what’s your next move?

Photo credit: Zara Albion-Lawson