My Life as a Work of Art

My Life as a Work of Art

What might life look like if you were to design your life as a work of art?

The first thing I’ve had to confront is what’s predictable – when I look out into the future and look at how things are probably going to go for me as an artist, I’d either move to the US or the UK or I’d stay in Australia and wind up on some Australian ‘A’ List dinner table sitting next to Danni Minogue. This is not an inspiring future for me.

I’ve been dreaming of chasing some kind of path as an artist and having fantasies of already being there and what that would be like which leaves me completely unfulfilled and thwarted in the present. I’ve been pretending to be committed to becoming famous.

What if I didn’t have to chase fame?

If I no longer had to chase fame, if the pressure of fame lifted and was gone, and I was free to play as an artist, what would I create I wonder? How could I design my life?

As a work of art?