Get ur costume on!

Get ur costume on!

My friend and I are designing costumes for my first Bad Dog in Sydney. What’s the first thing I now do when needing to design a costume? Yup, create a Pinterest board…

See here

The theme is Illumidoggie.

Only recently, when we were planning a Wisdom party did it hit me that not everybody has a costume drawer… or trunk… or suitcase… or all three (ahem). Costume is the ultimate opportunity for outlandish expression. Having been a Body Electric dancer for a number of seasons in Melbourne, I’ve become accustomed to the “Stitch and Bitch” sessions and the creativity, partnership and conversation that can be had over costume making. I have to admit, the making of costumes is not my forte. Luckily I had skilled creatives around me to whom I could delegate the most arduous tasks to (thank you Em and Amanda!!)

What’s your favourite outlandish costume experience?


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