Edo & Jo

Edo & Jo

Every morning I wake from sleep to the sweet dulcet tones of Jo’s voice singing:

asato ma sadgamaya

tamaso ma jyotirgamaya

mrtyorma amrtam gamaya

Oh lead me to the truth

From darkness to the light

This body to eternal life

Oh lead me to you

Together with her beloved, the mantra music of Edo & Jo is the most peaceful re-awakening into daily life.

Last night she passed away, surrounded by loved ones. Jo is VAANI which means Goddess of Creativity and she has left a much loved legacy of recordings and touched the hearts of many people. As integral members of our spiritual community at Shanti Mission, Edo and Jo introduced our Guru, Shakti Durga to Sri Sakthi Amma in India who embodies the Divine Feminine.

Edo says:

I found this note she wrote on Sept 8 one of her last diary entries before the pain and weakness got too much…

Jo wrote: 
I asked Amma “how can the whole universe be within me? Please show me”. Amma took me on an astral travel moving from “me” to the city, to the country, world, universes, galaxies, where so many planets exist. We kept flying through space. “But Amma, how does this all exist within me?” I ask Her. Just then, the travel continues through the galaxies and then ends in my heart. “see Jo, there’s no separation, Jo is there “pointing to the origin where I am the size of a mustard seed. “and Jo is here too” – with the entire universe within me. She took me for a good ride that night…

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Om Namo Narayani