Dialogue is the safest place

Dialogue is the safest place

I’m beginning to discover that being in dialogue is actually the safest place to be. Left to my own devices, alone with the noise in my head while my brain makes predictions based purely on survival, I’d barely get out the door some days! It’s as though something arises or is revealed when I speak and listen with another person that I just couldn’t get to by myself. That’s a problem for someone who thinks she knows everything and knows better, thank you very much. Regardless, it seems to be more and more evident that being in dialogue with another is the safest place to be…

I ask myself:

What are you not saying?

What can you not hear?

What could you bring dialogue to that you haven’t been?

I speak with my best friend jazi almost every day or every other day. In each other’s listening, we can say anything, absolutely anything. There is nothing that is too bold, too loud, too offensive or too curious. Our dialogue is like a dance. Sometimes all I do is listen. Sometimes all she does is listen. Together, we discover a wondrous world that leaves us more joyful and heart opened than before. We see things and say things that get heard and seen in the generous unconditional listening of another. I think this might be what joy actually is…

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