Commitment worthy of life?

Commitment worthy of life?

Since I was 16, I have been pretending to be committed to fundraising. I had my photo on the front page of the local paper with two other girls in the Miss Victoria Awards for the Victorian Spastic Society. It was in full colour and a big deal in a country town. My sponsor said to me, why don’t you do a sausage sizzle in the car park, out the front of K-Mart? I was sixteen and I was not going to be caught dead doing a sausage sizzle out the front of K-Mart! I was so stopped in asking people for money, that I didn’t ask anyone. And I didn’t raise any money.

What I did learn was that a ‘good person’ is a fundraiser. For years I talked about raising money. “I’m going to raise $10,000 for the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard next year!” I’d declare. I had it on t-shirts, I had it in my goals for all my staff and customers to see… And I never raised any money. I was happy to donate money, but I never raised any.

When I fessed this up during the Wisdom Unlimited Course in 2010, it was such a freeing moment. You mean, I don’t have to continue to pretend to be committed to fundraising? You mean, I’m an adult and I could actually create a commitment worthy of my life? I wonder what that commitment could be…?

Well, what is important to me?

That people dance publicly.

When I look back at my photos on Facebook over those last four years in Melbourne, there has been sooo much dance!

Now that I live in a new city, inside a new community of people in Sydney, I’m declaring that commitment complete.

In my Artist Immersion, I have begun to wonder about creating a new commitment. One that would be worthy of my life…

I wonder…