Artist Immersion

Artist Immersion

As much as I think I already know everything, I cannot see my own eyeballs. And given the number of people excelling in their field who have a coach or mentor, it seemed high time that I got myself one as an artist. As I looked out into the network of people I know, one person stood out. We’d met in 2002 in Perth and he is now a successful writer, performer, producer and educator creating multi-disciplinary work by queer and trans artists all over the world. [See]

In preparing for our first Skype call, I half expected to come out of the session with more goals, outcomes and actions than I could poke a stick at. Instead, to my surprise and delight, I discovered a whole new direction. I called it my three month Artist Immersion. Three months to reflect, consider and wonder; to complete and acknowledge my past accomplishments; to daydream about the creative work I’d like to pursue – without force. Space to dwell and immerse myself; like plunging into liquid and discovering a whole new world underwater…

Check out my upcoming blog posts for what I discovered…

My Artist Immersion collage by Danica Lani