Archibald 2015

Archibald 2015

What is it about being in the presence of art? That visual language. What is it about being in front of a painting and noticing my body sensations, the emotions and responses, the goings on where I am? I am naïve in the world of ‘Art’ and Visual arts, and yet as a witness, as a human being, I find myself touched, moved and inspired in the presence of art that I love.

Standing in front of Julian Meagher’s Daniel Johns, the colours start to wash through my body as I take in the strokes, the movement and the watery mood in front of me. The sensations in my body tingle and I feel expansive. And then at some point, I am moved. I feel a stirring in my chest and a welling up in my eyes. I am moved by art. I am moved by the presence of the artist and the subject together. The synergy of creation. Something exists, something is expressed that was not expressed before this work came alive. Not in this unique way, not with all of these flavours and colourings.

I notice that I didn’t experience these sensations when I saw a photograph of this work. It is the live experience of standing in front of the work and being with it that allowed for being moved. What is it about the visual domain that expresses something that cannot be articulated in words and recreates it for the person standing there? Perhaps that expression could be a realm for ongoing growth and development…

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